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We spotted our enemies, but they are too far away. Distance is too big to go there on foot. We would have to carry all our equipment, and our soldiers would be fatigued even before we would get to the attack point. There is an alternative, though. We can use helicopters, fly there, and surprise them by attacking them from above. That plan looks good, but enemy forces have access to helicopters too, so we can expect air counter-attack in any moment. Many maps to play on, but yet only one winner. Carry your AK47 and AWP on ground, and eliminate enemy ground forces. Then, sit into a helicopter, and bomb whole enemy base to deal massive damage to your opponents. Have fun.

Game directions: E = interaction TAB = menu 12 = weapons R = reload C = crouch CTRL = prone SHIFT = run SPACE = jump helicopter: = steering Mouse = shoot/zoom SPACE = increase power SHIFT = decrease power

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